We Do All Boat And Trailer Repairs Including Engine Replacement - We Are Authorized To Sell, Service and Repair MerCruiser Boats

Boat Repairs - For Price

  • Marine Engine Service
    includes oil filter, fuel filter, 5 quarts engine oil run and check engine over.

  • Outdrive service
    Includes remove outdrive check engine aligment, replace outdrive oil, new gasket, check raw water pump run and adjust cables, lube gimble bearing.

  • Marine engine check
    Includes compression check, check and tighten belts and hoses, check wiring, check for engine oil leaks, test power steering, check all fluid levels, run and set engine to factory specification, check shift cables.

  • Trailer serge brake unit replace

  • Trailer brakes replace per wheel includes new backing plate, springs, wheel cylinder,brakes and service wheel bearings.

  • Trailer Grease wheel bearings

  • Trailer re-pack wheel bearings per axle

  • Prop repairs
    stainless steel most props

  • New stainless steel props

  • Outdrive repair lower case

  • Replace raw water pump

  • Convert trailer brakes to disk brakes

  • Marine engine replacement installed

  • Marine 4.3 with 50 more horsepower replaces your factory 190 & 220 horsepower

  • Marine 350 300 horsepower replaces your factory 260 horsepower

  • Marine 5.7 300 horsepower replaces your factory 260 & 289 horsepower

  • Marine 454 420 horsepower replaces your factory 330 horsepower

    Note the three above Marine engine will save you up to 25% on fuel and there are no modification to make
  • Please call for other services and repairs.




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